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Five good reasons to work with us

1. We do work that matters

We at the Blood Service are part of a unique chain of help from donors to patients. We implement our tasks in collaboration with health care staff and voluntary donors. Together, we create opportunities for saving lives. We do not seek profit with our operations.

2. We like each other's company

Good community spirit is our strength, which is reflected in the results of our personnel surveys time after time.  We help each other and we all pull together. The meaningfulness or our work, continuous improvement of our operations, support for well-being at work, and investments in introduction to work and development of competence all bolster good community spirit.

3. We invest in well-being at work

Staff well-being is one of the values that steers our operations. We invest in your feeling at home at work, your well-being, and the functioning of the work community in many ways. We actively monitor the staff well-being by means of different surveys and discussions.  We develop our organisation's management and leadership skills by such means as regular all-year managerial training and leadership evaluations.

We are also a mobile work community: our own group exercise classes, a gym, a lunch break workout programme, and all kinds of sports events keep us on the move. To support your well-being, we offer, for example, sports and culture voucher benefits, comprehensive occupational health care services and massage therapy, partly compensated by the employer. We strive to ensure our staff's recovery from work and coping at work by means of long holidays and shift arrangements. Modern tools of the trade and comfortable premises are also part of our well-being and smooth conduct of work.

4. We provide careful introduction to work

We pay special attention to your introduction to work. Depending on the nature of the job, every task includes a hands-on introduction period of one to four weeks. Getting acquainted with the various units and operating methods of the organisation continues in different forms for several months. We have an online introduction programme and learning environment to support your introduction to work and continuous learning.

5. We are highly skilled and we develop our skills further

We are a committed group of top professionals from various sectors. Operating in accordance with our values requires that we take care of the maintenance of our staff's skills and their development. In addition to internal and external training, we support continuous learning by means of arranging opportunities for exchange of duties and job rotation. You can expand your skills in different development projects, and we also encourage our staff to further education. Our active initiative scheme is one example of the ways by which everyone of us has an opportunity to participate in the development of our own work.

Apply to work with us now and join the chain of help!​