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Blood Service as an employer

​The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service (FRCBS) is centrally responsible for Finland's national blood product supply. With our operations, we do not seek profit, but what is best for the patient. Our tasks include activities ranging from recruitment of blood donors, organising of blood donations and collection of blood to testing of donated blood, and the production and storage of blood products and their distribution to hospitals. We also handle the forwarding of stem cell transplants, tissue typing of organ and stem cell transplants, and certain blood-related laboratory tests. We also do scientific research within our sector.

We at the Blood Service are part of a unique chain of help from donors to patients. Professional, high-quality operations, combined with close co-operation with donors, health care professionals and government officials are the prerequisites for successful operation. Together, we create opportunities for improving the patients' quality of life, and often also for saving lives. Our work is guided by values which include patient wellbeing, respecting the donor, dependability, staff well-being, and operational efficiency.

We employ approximately 500 professionals, all experts in their field, in a total of nine localities.  Collaboration with voluntary blood donors and health care professionals requires that our employees have good co-operation and interaction skills, strong professional approach to work, and customer-oriented way of operating.

Most of our staff work in the Blood Service Centre in Kivihaka, Helsinki, where many of the Blood Service operations, such as blood product manufacturing and distribution, laboratory services, medical services, research and development, support services and quality control, have been centralised.  The blood service offices and the mobile blood service employ almost 200 people in different parts of Finland. They take care of the collection of blood and organisation of mobile blood service events in the near areas.

Social and health care sector students and those working within the sector are of the opinion that the Blood Service is the fourth most interesting employer in Finland (T-Media's employer image survey in 2014). Staff well-being is of special importance for us and we want our employees to consider us an excellent workplace.